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Dwarf Fighter "Battlerager"


Medium Height for a dwarf close to 5’

Quite stocky (200 lbs)

Shaved head with a Tattoo of a fiery/black sun on top

Red beard seperated in 2 braids.

He sports quite a lot of battlescars and seems to shrug off most wounds in combat.


What the hell….

What I am doing on this cave?!?

Hhmm who the hell am I for that matter…

Why am I dressed in rags… seems like I should be wearing a whole lot more in this kinda of weather… Hmmpf… at least I’m in a cave…

Who are the these other people with me… why would I associate with some drows?!?

I wonder if they know what the hell is going on…

my musing is interrupted by the baying of hounds… ‘Sounds like we have company’ I mutter as I go rummage through the pile of weapons to find something to deal with the immediate threat and go try to find out who the hell I am……..

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Amnesia Mordak