The Sussurrus Tomb

A long time ago, a powerful eladrin wizard looking to solve some great mystery came upon this giant mausoleum. At the time, the tomb was still inhabited by the spirits of ancient enlightened giants, attached to the crowns they had worn in life and tasked to answer any one question brought to them by one of their people. The wizard tricked a giant into asking his question for him, solving his problem.

Seeing the potential of such an oracle, the eladrins built a fey crossroad linking the tomb to their forgotten pre-Netheril kingdom. Unfortunately, during the Crown Wars, the perfidious drow stole the crowns from the tomb, breaking the enchantment, although some believe the return of the crowns would also return the spirits.

The tomb’s crossing leads to a magically-lit antechamber under a clear dome at the bottom of the Sea of Fallen Stars, truly a sight to behold. To activate the crossing, one need only plant three beans in the earth set in the center of the room.

The Breathless Room

In the centre of the Sussurus Tomb, stood a relatively small sealed sarcophagus. Eladrins, not naturally-inclined to curiosity or desecration, had left it undisturbed in all their visits. The Mouth, definitely not an eladrin, could not resist the lure of the unknown. The sarcophagus was actually the entryway to an underwater passage leading to an immense columned hall. A gigantic set of heavy stone doors, covered in ideograms occupy one side of the hall. Unfortunately, as he was examining the doors, the Mouth became unable to breathe the sealed chambers musty air. He barely had the time to tie himself to his rope and get the Guardian to pull him out before losing complete consciousness.

The Sussurrus Tomb

Amnesia Cardinalis