The Forgotten

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Awesome party portrait courtesy of Nicole Chartrand of Fey Winds

The Forgotten is the name of the adventuring company originally formed by the members known as The Fey, The Guardian, The Healer, The Historian and The Mouth and later joined by Autumn.

The name came to Rendill Halfmoon after the original party members saved him from a group of hobgoblin slavers known as the Bloodreavers. Indeed after his rescue, the halfling invited the adventurers to enjoy the comfort of his family’s inn where they proceeded to tell him about themselves and how they had simply woken up in a cave one day with no notion of their identity.

Later, as he proceeded to tell the tale to anyone in The Seven Pillared Hall who would listen, he decided that, if the party was curious about its past, it wouldn’t hurt to make a name for them so that whoever did know them would hear about their deeds and seek them out. So, he started referring to them as the Forgotten Heroes, the Forgotten Guardians, the Forgotten Souls and eventually, just as the Forgotten, a name which he later dubbed as a stroke of genius because of its flexibility.

The Forgotten

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