Fey Crossroads

Fey crossroads are a network of shortcuts through the Feywild established by some of the first fey to make the move to the material plane. The magic needed to create them has been lost for some millennia, but some of the existing crossings survived the spellplague more or less intact.

Unlike portals, fey crossroads, do not provide instantaneous travel. The first crossing transports the user to a path in the untamed Feywild near its border with the plane of dreams. At the end of the path another crossing returns travelers to a specific point on material plane.

It is theoretically possible to stray off the path to travel to the Feywild or the Dreamscape. This would of course at best leave the traveller in the untamed Feywild.

Finally, many crossings are equipped with a guardian which must be appeased or bribed to open the way. Like the fey themselves, the guardians rarely crave simple commodities.

Fey Crossroads

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