Eagle Peak

Eagle PeakEagle Peak is a small caravan stop in Cormyr’s Storm Horns. Heavily fortified for such a small settlement (roughly 500 permanent residents), it must contend with the mountain range’s significant orc population as well as the relative closeness of the returned Netherese Empire. Eagle Peak permanently houses a small detachment of Purple Dragon knights.

Recent history has greatly reduced the flow of traffic through the settlement. The events in Tilverton in particular have cast a certain pall over the citizen’s moods.

Important People

Horselord Trigg: Liaison officer of Eagle Peak’s garrison
Rashek: Burgomaster and innkeeper
War Wizard Droste: Leader of Eagle Peak’s War Wizards

Points of Interest

The Only Inn in Town

Located near the center of town and immediately across from Siv and Div’s this four-story inn is run by Rashek and his two daughters.

Siv and Div’s Outrageous Outlet
Previously the Imperial Emporium

A pair of halfling twins, the eponymous Siv and Div, runs this general store. The twins deals with the various caravans passing through Eagle Peak have allowed them to develop an extremely eclectic inventory as well as an uncanny store of knowledge on subjects ranging from Aarokras to zymotechnics. This might be the reason why they change the name of their establishment on such a regular basis; it is currently known as the Outrageous Outlet.

Eagle Peak

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