A bounty

Since the beginning of the game, I’ve experimented with a system of in-game reward for out-of-game reward and I’ve been relatively satisfied with the results despite the added effort it requires. Consequently, I’ve decided to formalize the system. There are two types of bounties: crunch (affect game mechanics) and fluff (affect storyline).

Unless otherwise noted, all crunchy bounties are single-use immediate interrupt actions that are available to the rewarded player until the end of the game in which it was picked. Each bounty may only be picked once per game and respawns at the beginning of the next game.
  • Heroic Surge: You gain an additional action point. This action point may be used in the same encounter as one of your standard action points.
  • Power Fluctuation: You gain an additional use of a daily item. This can be an item which was previously used.
  • Wheel of Fortune: You may reroll any single d20. You may choose to use this bounty after knowing the success of the roll.
  • Safe Bet: Gain a +2 bonus to any d20 roll. You may choose to use this bounty after knowing the success of the roll.
  • Minor Adjustment: Shift one square. Ignore difficult terrain.
  • Lucky Save: Gain +2 to any defence until the end of your next turn

Fluffy-bounties can be any non-mechanical story relevant reward that I can think of. For the moment, I’ve been focusing on hints for your identity crisis quest, but this may change at any time. In fact, I encourage players to suggest fluff-based bounties, keeping in mind that such bounties must be attractive to all players. In most cases these rewards will also contain a quest seed. As these bounties require more work on my part, they may take up to two games to materialize. Any character may only pick each of these rewards a single time. Furthermore, fluffy bounties spawn in defined groups and only respawn once the whole group has been picked. Below is a list of the identity crisis quest-related rewards:
  • What: Gain insight on a physical item related to your quest.
  • Where: Gain insight on a location significant to your quest.
  • Why: Gain insight on your own pre-amnesia motivations.
  • Who: Gain insight on your self or on people relevant to the completion of your quest.

Getting the bounties
There will be two main avenues to rewards: participating on this website and completing assignments. You may only receive one bounty per game. Each assignment will be accompanied by a description of its reward. The rewards for participating on the campaign website are as follows:
  • Creating a wiki entry or NPC character page: crunch
    • With relevant and appropriate1 media; crunch or fluff
  • Creating a campaign log entry2: crunch
    • In character: crunch or fluff
  • Finding a relevant and appropriate1 image for a bland entry: crunch.

1 Relevant and appropriate are purposefully subjective. I reserve the last word, but I don’t intend to be a jerk about it.

2 No more than one out of character log entry is necessary. So, if you intend to go that way, let everyone know so no one else wastes the time.

A bounty

Amnesia Cardinalis