War Wizard Droste

Friendly, unassuming war wizard.


A charming older half-elven gentleman, War Wizard Droste is the commanding officer of Eagle Peak ’s War Wizards and head of the Academy.

A throwback from Vangerdahast’s days, Cormyrean war wizards do not make their rank known to outsiders “so that even wizards of the First circle may strike fear in enemies of the crown”, but it is widely believed, based on the strategic importance of the outpost, that War Wizard Droste is in fact a Vizier. Even considering that he is a member of the town’s ruling military council, Droste is surprisingly involved in the town’s daily activities for a man of his rank, taking daily walks about town and speaking with the general citizenry. His friendship with Rashek predates their settlement in the region.

The War Wizard is also an amateur enchanter, more than willing to use his free time to enchant interesting items for worthy people in exchange for the cost of the components (read standard price). He can also drain useless items and use the resulting residuum as part of his payment.

War Wizard Droste

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