The Fey

Eladrin Warlock - Fey Pact or so she thinks.


“It’s rather disconcerting for an Eldarin to lose consciousness.” I grumble quietly as I stealthily make my way to the weapons pile.

“Whoever played this trick on me will quickly find out one does not play tricks on the Fey.” This statement is more to the point than one could believe as I feel and half remember some pact between myself and a powerful fey being.

Reaching down inside myself, I feel power rise. It’s a whimsical power with just a tiny zest of malevolence. I feel comforted by this and for a second hope that my companions have similar links to remind them of who they are, but the empathic feeling quickly passes as I become more concerned with the more important aspect of this situation, my own well being.

I go back to peering at the pile of equipment, hoping to find something even remotely useful. A magical wand or a longsword along with some patchwork type of leather armor would be nice.

“I’d settle for something warmer than these rags.” I mumble quietly as I rearrange the aforementioned rags about my frame. “Well, aren’t I pretty little thing.” I comment quietly in surprise as I notice that I have a lovely body under the rags.

I barely resist letting out a laugh at the absurdity of being surprised by the appearance of ones own body but the baying of hounds brings me back to the here and now.

The Fey

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