Freelance adventurer and explorer (or so he says...)


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The half-elf Laurelian Belnades is a self-styled freelance adventurer and planar explorer. He admitted an interest in visiting exotic locales and mapping the passages between the realms. Laurelian is quite knowledgable of the Feywild and of the Fey Crossroads and has a knack at finding what’s the shortest route between two given points in the universe. He has picked up a few skills to help him survive during his travels and he willingly shares his knowledge with others.

Laurelian seems intrigued by the peculiar predicament of his new companions. Each occasion he gets, he ask them questions on their condition such as what they have done since they lost their memory or who they have encountered so far. No level of details seems superfluous or insignificant. He has a friendly and rather talkative demeanor. While this is inconspicuous to the Forgotten, Autumn can’t totally shake off the sensation that his behavior feels a bit contrived. Like an lone wolf acting against its true nature…

One of the few things the Forgotten knows about him, thanks to the Fey lecherous eyes, is that he his committed to a young woman. While touching the subject of this love interest, Laurelian voice fills with melancholy… but like all details surrounding his own background, Laurelian remains vague and try to change subject the first chance he gets.

Laurelian journal entries

4th Journal (Incomplete)

5th Journal (In progress)


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