Leader of Eagle Peak ’s criminal element.


When in human form, Kr’Chik is a lanky, frayed-looking, gray-haired man. Unsurprisingly to those who know his second nature, his hair often has a thin greasy sheen and he has a tendency to twitch when separated from his mischief.

He is largely suspected to be leader of Eagle Peak‘s underbelly by the authorities. For reasons of their own, however, they have chosen to tolerate his operations up to the kidnapping of Autumn, Rashek’s daughter and the ensuing revelation of his lycanthropic nature.

Luring The Forgotten to the Lowhouse, Eagle Peak’s least reputable common room, he confronted Autumn in its cellar before running off in rat form. There he told her not only that the kidnapping wasn’t his idea, but also that he is an old adventuring partner of her father and Bessie’s true father. Relying on her great insight, Autumn had no choice but believe that he believes he is speaking the truth.

Whatever his game is, he has given her a way to contact him.


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