King Jark

Orc Chieftain ruling the Storm Horns


Every orc band that makes the Storm Horns their home pays tribute or at least lip service to King Jark and his shaman brother. His moderating influence has allowed the bands to lay under the crown’s radar as it focuses on the orcs in the Stonelands.

King Jark has some clandestine dealings with some people in Cormyr. In particular, it is suspected that he has a sort of affliction which leads him to make deals with the weak races, something which the more traditional orcs find distasteful.

The King collects bones and it is believed that, with the help of his brother, he uses them to have a measure of control over their previous owners.

Jark makes his home in some old giant ruins. He and his brother are keenly interested in ancient giant texts and while the tribe as a whole is relatively well-off, they’re always interested in magical weapons.

Portrait by VegasMike

King Jark

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