Daddy's little girl


Class: Druid

Alignment: Good

Str 10 Con 16 Dex 13 Int 10 Wis 20 Cha 10

Defence: AC19, Fort 16, Ref 15, Will 19

Senses: Passive Insight 22, Passive Perception 23

Initiative 6

Speed 6

HP 48, Bloodied 24, Surge Value 12, Surges per day 10

Feats: Ritual Caster, Wild Senses, Primal Instinct, Staff Fighting

Languages Known: Common, Goblin

Magic Items: Staff of Storms +1, Bloodcut Leather Armor +1, Headband of Perception, Amulet of Health

Rituals: Animal Messenger, Create Campsite

At Will Powers: Wild Shape, Grasping Claws, Grasping Tide, Storm Spike

Encounter Powers: Longtooth Shifting, Frost Flash, Call Lighting

Daily Powers: Faerie Fire, Roar of Terror

Utility Powers: Barkskin


Autumn, beloved daughter of Rashek, always wanted to be a great adventurer, just like her father. Rashek knew the dangers of adventuring, and always discouraged Autumn from leading such a dangerous life. Despite the warnings, as soon as she became of age, she slipped out in the middle of the night, leaving her dad a note, to join a charismatic group of adventurers.

This band of adventurers did not intend on having Autumn as one of their members; their plans for her were more sinister… In fact, the adventurers drugged Autumn on their first night out of town and delivered her to Kr’chik, a man she only knew as an acquaintance of her dad.

Kr’chik is the leader of Eagle Peak ’s criminal element. It was unknown to Autumn why she was being kept captive, but it was surely because of unfinished business between Rashek and Kr’chik.

Autumn had no intentions of finding out, so she made it her personal mission to get herself out of the predicament. She attempted to escape on numerous occasions, and even killed a few minor followers of Kr’chik in the process. At first, Kr’chik found her escape attempts amusing, but there came a time when she began to get under his skin…

One night, the idiot Kr’chik had left Mar’tk, one of his cruellest and dimmest henchmen in charge of Autumn’s cell, likely as a form of punishment. Autumn had seen scum like him in her father’s common room before. The sort of jerk who pinched Bessie’s behind and then told his friends that she wanted it. Harmless enough in the inn, within reach of her father’s axe, but not the sort of man she’d want to meet in a dark alley, where his hands could become more daring. Mar’tk had a habit of leering at Autumn from the corner of his eyes when Kr’chik wasn’t looking, It didn’t take her long to hatch a plan. Autumn mocked him for letting Kr’chik treat him like a boy and called his manhood into question. He grabbed his crotch and threatened to give her a chance to taste his manhood yourself. Sure, Autumn was repulsed, but she needed the flea-ridden bastard to come in the cell with her, so she kept needling him. Suddenly, unable to stand for more, he burst into the cell, violently grabbed Autumn by the hair and pushed her down to her knees, within easy reach of his… dagger. Poor, stupid male, he probably didn’t expect her to be so fast. He certainly didn’t expect her to have the guts to follow through with her plan, egging her on, asking for it: “C’m’on then, stupid bitch, you don’t have the stones! Betcha neva ev’n seen any. Git back down there and be on about it.”

Autumn’s father hadn’t raised his daughter to be squeamish; with a quick flick of her wrist, she cured Mar’tk of the need for prophylactics. The sound that escaped from his lips wasn’t at all what she expected. Inhumane, it was more keen wail than scream. Mar’tk’s throat distended to accommodate the sound and the rest of his body quickly followed in the metamorphosis, taking on a strange mixture of human and animal-like qualities. His eyes turned red and he grew a thick fleshy tail and a vicious looking overbite. Paralyzed with shock, she was unable to avoid his vengeful bite. The pain was the worse thing she’s ever felt. Autumn vainly tried to push him off when, suddenly, she was freed by another rat-like monster. It chittered and squeaked angrily at Mar’tk and something in the way her attacker shrank away told her that the new arrival was none other than Kr’chik. Just before passing out, Autumn was treated to the revolting and discouraging sight of Mar’tk’s manhood re-knitting itself.

Autumn fell in a feverish vision. She was alone in the Storm Horns, in one of those places she used to camp in with her mother, father and sisters – generic wilderness. In the grasp of a primitive, indescribable terror, she was running for her life. ’’IT’’ was coming for her, almost upon her, the Rat. Not one of the pesky rodent she occasionally had to scare out of the cellar for her sister, something much more primal and scary. The Rat was catching up, and she had to find it before the Rat found her. Suddenly, in a clearing, there it was, the bear… Autumn always knew it was inside her, watching over her… Protective of her, just like her father. Perhaps a vestigial remnant of Autumn’s father’s shamanistic people, the northern barbarians, perhaps something from her mother, or perhaps even something more mysterious. Autumn had always felt the power inside her, but had never had the primal need to reach it. This was different however, she ran to hit, let it flow into her bones just as the Rat burst into the clearing. A struggle ensued, the setting melted away, replaced by much more abstract imagery, her mind trying to make sense of the disease trying to take over not only her body, but her very essence. After an unmeasurable period of time, the beast that had always been there had permanently rebuffed the invader, not without a cost however. The Rat’s attacks had left a stain on the majesty of the beast and some of the Rat’s cruel thoughts and purposes remained within her. When Autumn came to, the beast now stood in a corner of her mind, always within reach in case of need.

Not long after the incident between Autumn and Mar’tk, Kr’chik decided he had enough with Autum and that his quarrel with her father was not worth the aggravation she was giving him. He opted to get rid of his problem by selling Autum to King Jark.

Suprisingly, Jark also kept Autumn in surprisingly good health. Nevertheless, Autumn did not much care for the hospitality and resumed plotting her next escape attempt. One night of note, while trying to escape, Autumn discovered that the King and his brother had a secret passage in their room, but was captured before finding out where it lead.

King Jark soon gave the order to hand Autumn over to a group of slavers called the Bloodreavers who carried her, as far as she could tell, eastwards to Thunderspire Peak.

The Bloodreavers also refrained from raping or permanently physically damaging her, unlike their behaviour towards other prisoners.

During Autumn’s time under the care of the Bloodreavers, she made friends with Mika, another prisoner from Eagle Peak, which was eventually sold to some duergar.

Autumn always kept hope that her father would save her, and that she would one day see her friend Mika again.


Amnesia Cardinalis Canundrum