To Nesmé

After defeating the owlbear, the Forgotten make their way into the giant, hollowed-out beanstalk. Within it, they find a relatively strange scene: around the creatures makeshift nest lay hundreds of eggs in all shapes and sizes petrified by the ages. With their combined knowledge, the party is able to identify some valuable pieces including a pentad of dragon eggs which, in total, should bring roughly 26 000 gold pieces from the right buyer. Also within the stalk, the group finds an archway filled in with a bas-relief of a riverside city. Laurelianexplains that laying one’s hand on the image will transport one to the site of an ancient fallen elven city on the edge of what is now Luruar ‘s Evermoors, a large, giant infested, swamp. Thankfully, the giants seem to avoid the site. Within a couple of hours walk, the party should be able to reach Nesmé, a large fortified town, well-known for the quality of it’s steel.

Some DM stuff:

  • Nesmé doesn’t appear on the map, but it is right near the fork in the Surbin River above the Evermoors.
  • Unless you try to get fancy, with a bit of Mouthy legwork, you should be able to find a travelling merchant willing to take your eggs to Silverymoon for 26K.
  • In light of Nesmé’s specialty, many wizard-enchanters have settled there. You can purchase any common or uncommon metal weapon or armor of up to level 10;
    • You can also get most common items of up to level 9 without any difficulty;
    • Anything else needs to go through me.
  • If you’d like to do something in Nesmé that doesn’t include the group, you need to let me know before Friday.


Cardinalis Cardinalis

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