The Historian - Log 3 - One of Those Days

Autumn's Homecoming

25th of Kythorn, 1479

Of all the things I could have expected from Autumn’s homecoming, I must admit that an inn patron letting loose a stunning screech, morphing into a wererat and jumping out of the establishment’s front window was not among them. The patron being our old friend Kr’Chik, we of course followed in pursuit.

This course of action was made difficult by the adoring masses that flocked to the inn in order to welcome Autumn home just to be subject to Kr’Chik’s disorienting shout. I zigzagged between the stunned citizens. Looking back, I could see The Guardian elbowing his way through the crowd as The Fey blinked in and out of existence to make her own way across the plaza. However, it is Autumn who took point as she successfully navigated around the crowd and sprinted after her former kidnapper. The Mouth and The Healer would follow only later, as their heightened elven senses proved to be particularly vulnerable to the effects of Kr’Chik’s cry.

Leaving the street, Kr’Chik fled into a blacksmith’s workshop with Autumn in hot pursuit. By the time I made it to the door, the wererat had thrown a bucket of water onto the forge, filling the area with scalding steam. A few words, a short cantrip, and the obstacle was pushed aside on a puff of wind. The Guardian, The Fey and I arrived in the courtyard beyond to find our quarry with his feet frozen in blocks of ice and his way barred by an angry druid. Ever the resourceful one, Kr’Chik managed to free himself and evade his temporary gaoler before we three could assist her. Nonetheless, the delay had allowed The Mouth to catch up and the five of us were right on his tail.

Kr’Chik’s next trick was to hastily sneak by a company of Purple Dragon Knights, forcing us to go through their ranks in order to continue our pursuit. While this would later prove to be the most troublesome of his antics, at the time a simple Ghost Sound spell was sufficient to draw the guard’s attention away while most of us scurried through. Others chose to circumnavigate the knights by taking a parallel street.

We came again upon Kr’Chik as he attempted to make his way across the rooftops in order to escape. Channelling my own vertigo, I conjured a Phantasmal Chasm at his feet – misleading Kr’Chik into thinking he had missed his jump, stopping him in his tracks. The illusion was made even more real when The Fey used her own magic to pull him off the roof and at our feet. Cornered and about to be captured by the Guardian, Kr’Chik drew upon hidden magical reserves and unexplainably teleported out of our reach. And soon he was running across the rooftops again. We pursued until the warehouse district, where he morphed into his rat form and slithered out of sight in a stockroom below.

The six of us – The Healer having finally managed to catch up – split up to search for the rodent. I must confess that, despite the use of my magical eyewear, I mistook a regular rat for our lycanthropic friend and completely lost the scent. Then, I got caught in an ambush.

Though The Guardian and The Mouth managed to track Kr’Chik to his destination, the rest of us were waylaid by some of Kr’Chik’s cronies while still in the warehouse district. Unbeknownst to me, the Fey and the Healer were facing assailants on the rooftops. In the streets below, Autumn and I were trapped in a narrow alleyway. Autumn caused a tremor, tripping her assailant and opening the way. I used this opportunity to first dispatch my own assailant, and then jump over the prone foe. I continued to run until I arrived to a plaza where I found The Guardian and The Mouth stuck in a melee with more of Kr’Chik’s minions.

The battle in the plaza was short, but bloody. We subdued our assailants and entered the inn where Kr’Chik had taken refuge. The innkeeper pointed us to the cellar, where Kr’Chik kept us in check with a barrel-trap and urged us to talk. From him, we learned that he is Autumn’s half-sister’s father. He also pointed us to the Forgotten Thane for additional information concerning our quest, revealed he is Autumn’s father former adventuring companion and told us we can leave a message for him with the innkeeper should we need to talk again.

Back at the The Only Inn in Town, we had an… uncomfortable encounter with Horselord Trigg . Our reputation with the city’s Purple Guard went from bad to worse. However, Trigg’s curiosity concerning an errant orc resulted in an invitation to visit the local prison on the morrow. Shortly after, the Mouth got a visit from his Purple Dragon Knight contact. The rest of us retired to our rooms, leaving Autumn free to have a heart-to-heart with her father.

And just now, as I prepared to chronicle the day’s events prior to retiring for the night, a strip of paper fell from one of my books. It reads, in Undercommon: “House Tresk works for the Dark King, Please do not involve me any further – Gendar”.

Tomorrow will be a better day. For one thing, we will get to collect our reward from Siv and Div. Finally, I will have the financial backing to pursue my arcane studies. But first, I must gather my notes on the Fetters and make a comprehensive report of my findings…


Cardinalis Maestro

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