Mad Prophet's Prophecy

By the Mouth

After assaulting the hidden temple of evil and capturing the head cleric, we finish exploring the temple complex. As we approach the last door in this section, you become aware of the smell of feces. We gingerly open this door and are almost physically assaulted by the stench. Every surface inside this cell seems smeared with multiple layers of excrement. Hay and refuse are heaped in the one corner as a makeshift cot, while a bed, no longer sporting a mattress stands in the other. Sitting regally on a wooden chair is an old, naked, elven man with unkempt white hair with shit-brown streaks. Jagged shards of broken crockery have been tied around his forehead with a strip of ripped cloth as a sort of makeshift crown. I call out to him but he does not respond. Once everyone has slowly made their way within the room, trying their best not to touch anything, he looks imperiously at the group and says in a commanding voice that freezes our bodies entirely:

Hark, Ebon Spur
Your Labours Here Please Me
A Boon:
Seek the Raven Where the Grain Swims
Ask Why It Wrought Such a Strange Murder
Blackbird, Conure and Dove
Dodo, Magpie and Owl
Peacock, Eagle, Cowbird and Hawk
Its Answer Can Split in Twain What Was Broken
Mending it and Making It Whole

The words out of his mouth, the elf loses his otherworldly dignity. He guffaws and begins mirthfully chanting to himself as he comes down from the chair to wallow in his filth:
“Forgive the forgotten, forget the forgiven, you forgot and I forgive in the fog…”


Cardinalis Cardinalis

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