Letters to Sypha, 5th Journal, 1st Letter

My beloved,

More than eight long years have passed since you last held me in your warm embrace. While this span of time is but a season for an eladrin, for me, this feels like an eternity. As I put my feelings to paper once more, I am conforted to know that, as I write this, my father has handed over to you my first four traveling journals. My truest wish is for this fifth journal to be my last and, Sune willing, that I give you this one myself.

I often dream of Summer when I sleep. I dream of the gentle strolls we used to take through the palace’s gardens, of the serenades I sang to you under the shade of our favorite willow tree… I also dream of my father. I dream of him lecturing us about the ways of magic, experiencing his teachings with the same sense of wonderment as I did back when I was young. A few days ago, I vividly heard his voice beckoning me as I was dreaming. I almost dismissed it as being just a figment of my imagination but I know father’s power are vast and that it was well within his capacity to contact me from such distance. I followed the instructions he gave me and lo! Before I knew it, I was in his presence!

8 long years away from my homeland, away from you and my father… 8 years of blood and sweat and tears… In a bat of an eye, all my sorrow, all my sadness were washed away. I was reunited with father and he was bringing me tidings from home! When he told me that distance and time had not dimmed your love in the sligthest, I could not hold back my tears. In my heart, I always knew but… I must confess that in the past they were time, moments of weakeness when the loneliness was too much to bare, that I let doubts creep about. What if she moved on? What if she forsaken me? I cannot thank father enough from freeing me from these evil thoughts for good. My heart now unburdened from such distractions, my resolve has been embolden to greater heights.

Father had not sat idly during my exile. Our lone ally in this ordeal, he has been actively working to see us reunited. However, he informed me that some sort of powers were obscuring his divinations and he needed my help. From his research, he discovered that a group of adventurers were somehow linked to this problem in a way that was not apparent to him. He tasked me to investigate them on his behalf.

Father had arranged for me to meet the group at a place of his choosing. I found the group was hard battling a foe of which I had never seen but I had heard much about. It was a beholder, the infamous bane of adventurers. Now I know first hand while they they hold this title! It was as close a battle as I been since the beginning of my adventuring career. On an other day, the fiend might have prevailed but your love inspired me in this trying time and we managed to eek out a victory. I had failed my entrance but I held my own and hopefully managed to make a good first impression. I was worried on how the group would react once the fiend was dispatched. Outnumbered and left completely exhausted from the battle, I was in no position to retaliate if the group turned hostile. My fear proved unfounded as one of their member, an eladrin lady going by the name of the Fey, rewarded my intervention on their behalf by surprising me with a kiss on the lips! I nervously laughed off this inappropriateness and proceeded to proprerly introduce my self to the group, which calls itself the Forgotten.

I was figuring my task to be quite straight forward. I would find their employer and report back to father. I was not ready for I was about to hear. Father had told me they were that their minds had been pilfered and left riddled with holes and that none of them had ever heard of us. It appeared that was quite an understatement. Their memories had been stripped bare and were of little help in determining their connection to my father divination problem. If they are the puppet from some higher power, it seems they are playing the part unbeknownst to them. I have a feeling that the power that is the cause of their predicament is the same that troubles father. I will have to try to extand my sejourn in their group longer than I anticipated to find out.

Luckly, father had foresaw the possbility of a extanded stay and had the means to make me a palatable long-term ally. Before he bid me farewell, he left me Trynian Jack’s Wayjournal, which pershaps you have heard of before. This journal is a record of every portal and fey crossroads he encountered on his legendary travels. Most of them have been either damaged or rerouted when the weave fell apart, but I have already started re-cataloguing them during my travels and I am quite familiar with their inner workings. Furthermore, father highlighted or corrected some of the still functioning ones. This knowledge will hopefully will convince the group to let me hang around with them longer.

For the moment, at least, the Forgotten needed me to exit the tomb they were trapped in. I followed the instructions from Tryanian Jack wayjournal and away we were making our escape via a giant bean stalk. We discovered that this fey crossroad’s guardian was a ravenous owlbear. The beast was not interested in barter! We bested it but I got careless as the battle drew to a close and got knocked down cold. My fate was left in the hand of the Forgotten. They could have left me to die right here and there, looted my belongings, leaving my body as food for the stirges. Instead, they helped me up without an afterthought.

I know a lot of trials lies ahead of me but, for the first time since I left Summer, prospects are looking up. I know that, from this moment on, each passing day is bringing me closer to you.




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