Leaving the evil temple

By The Mouth


Returning to town proved to be challenging. We tried returning by the secret entrance, through all the traps. We discovered that our stupid high priest had a death wish as he tried to kill him self. After save his hide and knocking him unconscious we get to the secret entrance and it won’t open!!! We go back through all the traps and then we has to explorer the old abandon mines in the mountain to find an exit, which left us out in the Stonelands. At least it only took like two days to get back and everything when fine. Except that platoon of solders waiting to apprehend us! Great after all that we get arrested, at least I had the forethought to discuss our situation with my colleague and got them thinking in the right way to present our little adventure. So we have a good story ready for the Purple Dragon commander. Remember; always have an out for every situation. And thank god he humored us and let us shows him the secret temple. That got us off the hook!

What an utter disaster; could we have done this with any less style! Mental note, we may still have all our skills, but with these idiots I definitely need to plan our city capers!


Cardinalis Cardinalis

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