It Begins!

First adventure

I’m kind of playing catch up here… For the moment being, here is some barebones info about the early adventures.

Protagonists wake up in a crudely sealed cave with no personal memories. In the cave are a pile of equipment and a note scrawled in fluorescent moss warning of orcs.
The pile of equipment contains what can only be personal items. One of the items in questions reacts to the eladrin’s touch. Party splits equipment as best they can. The dwarf grumbles about how equipment is not best suited to his abilities.
Hunting dogs lead orcs to the cave.
Party dispatches orc and dogs.
Wizard establishes that the current cold conditions and snowy blanket is the result of high altitude. Characters are in a mountain range.
Party follows what appear to be tracks made by dragged body back to an abandoned camp currently being ransacked by orcs.
Rogue and Warlock try to set up themselves up for a surprise assault on orcs. Warlock spotted, attacked and forced to retreat. Rogue then spotted, attacked and forced to fall unconscious. Rest of party arrives and turns tide of encounter.
Party searches camp find equipment equivalent to two adventurer’s kits. Camp appears to have accommodated six people. A page which appears to have come from the emptied diary is found, mostly burnt, in the ashes of the campfire. It speaks of a meeting on top of the Orc Toof.
The party spots a peak that looks conveniently like an orcish fang.
They make their way to the top of the mountain only to find four bodies strung up on a tree swarmed by rats.
After dispatching the rats, the party identify the bodies as those of a doppelganger, a shadovar male and two human males branded as traitors of Cormyr.


Cardinalis Cardinalis

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