Exploring the Feywild manifest zone

7th Flamerule, 1479

It was a lot easier to get into camp this time, the orcs know who we are and don’t mess with us. So they brough us to see King Jark. He when directly to the point. He’ll tell us what he knows about the raven hair girl once we clear the manifest zone. Sure no sweat.

So we approached the zone. The orcs look nervous and they had open there barricade to let us through and we continued on the path like any walk through the woods and where promptly ambushed by some Banshrae. They were tuff, but the worst what the Blood Apes. They grabbed Healer and then Book and flung them far into the jungle. While we finished the Banshrae off, then when exploring to find our friends… They were bloody masses of friends. I was shocked to find them alive. We then bound our wounds and proceeded much more carfully. We found the portal that was leaking the Feywild into our realm and destroyed it. Excellent work done, though it almost cost us too dearly. The Feywild manifest zone disappears … and 30’ away there is a deformed giant of some sort, who promptly thows a hammer at our face!!!



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