Autumn's Log

By Autumn
Date unknown

After swiftly dodging the giants in the field, Saturly lead our group to his Lord’s abode. When we finally arrived, we were in awe as we looked upon the magnificence of the structure in front of us. The best description I could come up with to describe is to say it looked like some sort of log cabin, but I’ve never seen one so large. The cabin was truly majestic with so many beautiful sculptures worked in the walls and columns… I don’t know about the others, but for me, I won’t soon forget all the beauty and the wonder I’ve seen in our short time in the Feywild.

Once we passed the threshold of the main gates, it appeared like the cabin was at least a few hundred feet long. In what appeared to be the centre of the cabin was a very large stone fire place. There were so many fey and they were all celebrating and very festive. It was as though they were celebrating some great event. Perhaps they were celebrating the Fey`s home coming. The folk sang songs and played musical instruments… There was even a lot of fornication going on… This joyous atmosphere certainly helped us ease our worries, because none knew what exactly we were walking into.

We were urged to continue following Saturly until we finally reached two large wooden thrones located on an elevated platform… On one of them sat a very tall and muscular humanoid with a pair of mighty horns on his forehead, and wore only a loin cloth. On the adjacent throne sat his wife, the Crone. Saturly graciously introduced us to them.

The Lord of the house gave us a very warm welcome and was clearly very happy to set his gaze once more upon the Fey, his god daughter. The Lord explained to us that he did not become the Fey’s god father by traditional means. Instead, she came into the Lord’s life because her father beseeched the Lord to place the Fey under his protection from her mother. In fact, for some reason that remains a mystery to us, the Fey’s mother hated her daughter to the point of wanting to kill her. Given the Lord’s benevolence, he would accept the Fey as his protected ward, but for a price. The price ultimately was a major sacrifice on the Fey’s father’s part, which was to surrender to the Lord all the love he had for his daughter. Fearing for his daughter’s life at the hands of his wife, he accepted the terms.

The Lord upheld his end of the bargain by making the Fey his protected ward through a ritual, thus making the Fey his god child and forever protecting her from her mother. The ritual must have created a mystical link between the two, because as a result, the Fey learned to manifest her powers by tapping into this link, thus using the Lord’s life force to empower her rituals. To make matters worse, as the Fey learned more powerful rituals, she would use the Lord’s life force even more. Obviously this unanticipated side effect was not part of the original deal and the Lord wanted to rectify the situation quickly, which is why Saturly was sent to retrieve the Fey by any means necessary.

Obviously the Lord was certainly not helpless in the matter and if he really wanted to, I’m certain he had the power to cut the link with his god daughter in order to preserve his life force. However, in doing so, I suspect that the Lord would be breaking the deal he made with the Fey’s father, and in doing so, the Fey would no longer be protected from her mother. The Lord clearly takes his role as god father to heart and was certainly open to allowing her to continue tapping into his life force, but like her father, the Lord told the Fey that if she wished to continue using her god father as a conduit for her powers, thus sacrificing a part of himself to the Fey, the Lord would require the same of his god daughter and required her to offer him a sacrifice of her own.

It was clear that the Lord was not interested in a material compensation, such as a magical item or gold. He is immortal, and in particular is also a very powerful and supernatural being. Therefore, objects that are commonly valued by us mortals have little or no value to the Lord. He wanted something special from the Fey… This would require a major personal sacrifice from the Fey.

The Fey struggled long and hard and did not have any clue on what she could possibly sacrifice. The Lord`s wife, the Crone, offered the Fey some guidance and suggested to the Fey to stop thinking like a mortal. This continued on for the better part of 2 hours.

During the Fey`s contemplations, the rest of us continued chatting with the Lord and the Crone. One of our conversations related to the life of the pre-amnesia Fey. Unfortunately for the Healer, who is desperate to find out who he really is, the Fey refused to have any such information divulged to her in fear that whatever she would discover would inadvertently change the person she is now. The Lord respected her wishes and refused to answer any further question that would even hint on the details of her previous life, even questions that would reveal indirect details. The Healer had difficulty in containing his anger and frustrations.

However, that did not sway the Healer’s resolve in obtaining information about his own past… He insistently pressed on with more questions. Seeing the desperateness in the Healer`s questioning, the Crone took pity on him and agreed to answer any one question we each had. The Guardian asked for the city name that seemingly is important to his own past, and the Healer wanted to know what his pre-amnesia name was. Now that he has it, maybe it will give him some respite for now. As for myself, I was hard pressed to come up with a question on the spot.

In order to further lighten the mood, the Lord was gracious and generous enough to present to the Forgotten gifts as tribute and appreciation for providing support, camaraderie and protection to his god daughter. To the Healer, a magical block of ice containing the maps of the underworld was gifted, and to the Guardian, a unique pair of boots capable of invigorating his charge attacks was offered. As for me, seemingly not a member of the Forgotten, was left out in the cold. However, the Lord did proposition me to make love to him…

As a druid, I know a lot about Nature and from what I was able to gather about the Lord is that he is indeed a paragon of Nature in this realm. It is like having a Goddess offering herself to a cleric who worships her… What would the cleric do? It was the same for me. Just the mere words he spoke to me made me tremble… I accepted his offer, and I doubt I shall ever experience anything like that ever again. I know that this world has such horrific atrocities, but then something like this happens, and it becomes clear as day that the opposite is also true… I was given a glimpse of what pure bliss feels like, and I can only hope to experience it again in the afterlife.

Upon recomposing myself, I rejoined the group and I was pleased to find out that the Fey had finally come up with an offering for her god father. She offered her first love… The Fey did not elaborate on her wording and her phrasing certainly lead to different interpretations. In the Fey`s perspective, she meant that she was offering the love she would feel for her first love, much like how her father gave up his love for her, but the Lord interpreted her offering literally. In other words, his perception was that the Fey would have to convince her first love to freely turn himself/herself over to her god father. The Lord smiled and agreed to his interpretation of the Fey`s wording, but with an additional stipulation… She would have only one moon cycle to convince her first love to turn himself/herself over. The Fey agreed to the terms and the bargain was finally struck. The Lord was clearly happy with the agreement and the Fey is now free to continue using her powers, which are channelled through her god father. As a measure to further sweeten the deal they had just struck, the Lord also permanently bestowed his boon on the Fey.

We rested for a short while, and did our share of drinking, laughing, and celebrating. We each had different reasons to celebrate, but one common thing we all shared was that it allowed us to temporarily forget the hardships we had recently lived through. However, reality eventually caught up to us, even in the Feywild, and it was time for us to depart to continue our travels. We do have many things to do and as some would say, there will be plenty of time to rest when we retire, or when we are dead. The Lord and Crone, who had just transformed into the Maiden, wished us luck on our travels and future adventures, and bade us farewell. The surroundings of the log cabin, as well as the surrounding folk quickly blurred into nothingness and was replaced by a seemingly empty, dark and damp throne room completely made of stone. I’m sure the Guardian felt at home! I presume that we were teleported from the Feywild to our own realm.

Before we could gain our bearings, we were startled to hear from the shadows ‘’HOW DARE YOU?!’’ It did not take long to find out whom or what was barking those menacing words to us… It was a Beholder. Even before we could react, four ghost-like figures came out from behind of the thrones and assaulted us.

The Guardian managed to charge the vile Beholder before the ghosts reached our position, and the Healer conjured his most powerful power to provide us with resistive powers… The Fey and I did what we could to take care of the Beholder`s minions. Little did we know what the abomination had in store for us… The Beholder attacked us with a gaze attack that affected everyone except me. It did not do any physical harm, but its effect was devastating nonetheless… In fact, the Guardian, Fey and Healer were all stunned. Their mundane tasks now required intense concentration… For example, all the Healer could do was sustain his divine power. Meanwhile the ghosts continued their assault and landed devastating hits within our ranks.

The Beholder pressed its attack with yet another gaze effect. This one affected me… My mind became fuzzy and I could swear the Fey was a ghost, so I swung at her. I hit the Fey squarely in the forehead, but luckily for her, my melee attacks are not the strongest… The Guardian was also affected, but he had me in his sights and took a swing at my head. I managed to duck out of the way… Surely the gaze must have dulled the dominated dwarf’s aim because all he managed to do was mess up my hair from the wind his hammer produced as it swung over my head. Looking over at the Fey to see if she needed support, and to admittedly gloat to her that the Guardian missed me, I saw the rage in her face as she was targeting me with her own ritual… I caught another taste of the Lord’s essence, but this one was the painful kind! I realized that she too fell victim to the domination effect and her sights landed on me. The Fey’s magical gestures did not fault her, as her bolt found its target…

To add insult to injury, the Beholder pressed its attack against me and managed to land a critical hit… The blow almost knocked the wind out of me… I stood my ground and tried to forget about the pain. I realized that the ghosts provided some enhancement synergy to the Beholder`s attacks, and I assumed that the Guardian could take care of the Beholder for the time being. So I decided to concentrate my efforts in eliminating the ghosts. I conjured a ritual of my own, and managed to kill two of the four spectres. Unfortunately one was unaffected by my ritual, while the fourth was outside the effect of my power. As I stood there panting and relishing the thrill of taking out the ghosts, I made a critical mistake… I forgot to activate an innate healing power that would have imbued regeneration abilities in me… My body was aching, and I could swear that nearly every bone in my body was broken… It was if it was my shear will that was keeping me conscience. My sight was blurry from my own blood dripping from my brow, and as I looked around the battle scene, it was like the cries coming out of my friends were distorted and my eye sight was failing… Everything around me wasmgetting dimmer and dimmer… All I could see were shades of grey. I could feel the life slipping away from me…

As I turned my head towards the Healer, I was horrified to see that he too was in bad shape. He was being assaulted relentlessly from every direction, including from his dominated friends… He couldn’t even counter attack due to being continuously stunned by the Beholder`s gaze attacks… Even his mighty Morning Glory wasn’t enough to keep him standing as the last blow he could bare struck him down. He dropped to his knees… I remember the blank look in his face before he keeled over. I’ll never forget the thud I heard as his skull hit the stone floor…

The next thing I remember is feeling another sharp pain, but in my back this time… I knew it would not be long now… As I fell to my knees, I could no longer hear the battle that was raging around me… All I could hear was a woman softly calling my name… ‘’Autumn’’… ‘’Autumn’’… I looked over and I could swear I saw a shimmering woman standing in the distance, looking upon me and smiling. It seemed like she was waiting for me, perhaps as a guide to the afterlife… Although I did not recognize the woman that was before me, I instinctively called out “mother”… Then everything went dark…


Great post! I look forward to reading more about the Forgotten now that they have pârted ways with the Historian. :)

Autumn's Log
Cardinalis Cardinalis

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