A Walk on the (Fey) Wild Side

By the DM
7th Flamerule, 1479

As the group steps through the mirror, the Forgotten are disappointed to find that absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happens. They are in fact on the same rolling green hills where they fought firbolg and satyr. At most, the strange intensity that had fallen upon them as they entered the manifest zone becomes somewhat more pronounced. When the last firbolg steps through, Book walks up to the mirror and breaks it with a few sharp raps of his staff, leaving behind an empty arch and shards of glass. According to Book’s instructions, the Mouth bends down and gingerly picks up one of the larger mirror shards (add this to your equipment Tim: Octogonate Gate Shard).

The satyr turns around and speaks convivially:
“Welcome to Summer, you may call me Saturly. I’m afraid our girl here isn’t exactly welcome in these parts, so, if you’ll allow, we will make our way home like a quickling.”

As he says these things, one of the Firbolg gives the Fey a potion.

I’m trying to move this along, but in the spirit of limiting railroading, I’m opening it up to roleplay. You have until at least tomorrow to have your character react should you so wish. Roleplay thread is here.


Cardinalis Cardinalis

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