A Coincidence... Probably

Laurelian's First Fluffy Bounty

After finishing his letter to Sypha, sitting in a common room in Nesmé, Laurelian thinks of the events of the past few days and wonders again at how quickly his life can be turned upside down. He thinks of his father’s recent visit, of the day he left the only home he had ever known and, finally, of the day he discovered he was adopted. He remembers how he cried that day and how his father tried to console him. He also remembers how he pleaded with his father to be told who his real parents were and what had happened to them. With a sorrowful look, the already-old man had taken Laurelian on his knee and answered softly: “I am sorry my son, but that is beyond my ken.” At Laurelian’s reproachful and disbelieving look, he sighed and added:
“Truly, few and far between are the things which can escape my arcane gaze, but I have looked many times into your lineage and always am I blocked by a sort of veil. I cannot say for certain, but I believe an other power is interfering…”

How had he not thought about this when he had been told of the Forgotten and why had his father not spoken of the similarities or differences?


Cardinalis Cardinalis

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